7 Of The Best Dog Dads Who Ever Dog Dadded

7 Of The Best Dog Dads Who Ever Dog Dadded

You don’t have to be the parent of a hooman to be celebrate Father’s Day — dog dads count too! And with Father’s Day on Sunday, what better way to celebrate than with a little recognition for some of the best dog dads around? From celebrities with animal sanctuaries to old men with hilarious ways of transporting their pups, these dog fathers are sure to melt your heart. So here we have it: seven of the best dog dads who’ve ever dog dadded!

1. Jon Stewart
If you’re still missing Jon Stewart on The Daily Show, this might ease your pain. Stewart and his awesome wife Tracey own a 12 acre farm in New Jersey that they have transformed into a sanctuary for abused animals. The sanctuary, also known as Bufflehead Farm, is home to a veritable menagerie.

Though the animal sanctuary is fairly new, Stewart has been an avid dog lover for years. Not only did he ensure The Daily Show office was a dog-friendly space, but he is also a longtime Pit Bull advocate and proud dog dad to three beautiful Pitties…. including one with three legs!


2. Roo Yori
This kick-butt dog dad is a true K9 Ninja. Roo Yori recently dominated a qualifying course on the popular show American Ninja Warrior while wearing a shirt with a powerful message we love; Adopt a Dog. Yes, Yori, we couldn’t agree more! When he’s not wowing the audience, he plans to use his airtime to share the story of his rescue dogs and encourage others to adopt.

Yori has been one of the best dog dads around long before his Ninja Warrior debut. He’s worked hard to shatter Pit Bull stereotypes by founding the Wallace the Pit Bull Foundation and turning one of Michael Vick’s fighting dogs, Hector, into a therapy dog. Though his beloved Pits Wallace and Hector have passed, you can see from the pic below his life is still filled with lots of happy tail wags and couch snuggles. You go, Roo!


3. Tito Beveridge
If you love a strong cocktail as much as you love an adorable cockapoo, than you’ll love dog dad Tito from Tito’s Handmade Vodka. Creating the world’s smoothest vodka isn’t Beveridge’s only mission, he is also committed to rescuing and protecting animals. Several of the dogs his company has rescued are happily “employed” at the distillery and office.

Tito created the Vodka for Dog People program, which aims to unite friends, fans, and partners to better the lives of pets around them. The company is also a big supporter of Emancipet, a nonprofit with the mission to bring high quality spay and neutering solutions to all pet owners. Tito’s Handmade Vodka even sells vodka themed dog-related items with all proceeds going to Emancipet. Cheers to that!


4. Steffen Baldwin
This former military paratrooper/ dog dad is a hottie with a huge heart! Working mostly in rural Ohio, Baldwin goes above and beyond to end breed discrimination. He is the co-founder of Ohioans Against Breed Discrimination, he started a children’s dog safety class in an attempt to lower the amount of dog bite incidents, he created a nonprofit organization that fights animal cruelty in rural areas at no cost to local communities, aaaand he even works with police officers to educate them on dog body language to prevent unnecessary canine shootings! Another big accomplishment? He has saved 250 dog reactive dogs from death row simply by spending time with them. Baldwin is one truly incredible dog dad!


5. Eugene and Corky Bostick
All aboard!! 80-year-old brothers Eugene and Corky Bostick earned their Best Dog Dad titles when they built a train for their beloved strays. Living on a dead-end road in rural Fort Worth, Texas, they often have stray dogs dumped on their property. They decided to take the dogs in as their own — but that’s not all! The brothers also used a tractor, some barrels, and their impressive welding skills to build a train for the pups. Twice a week these lucky dogs get carted around on a fun-filled hour and a half puppy train ride.


6. Steve Greig
Steve Grieg dedicates his life to saving animals, particularly senior dogs. There are currently 10 dogs — and one pig that wants to be a dog — living under his roof. Sound like a full house? Greig says since all the dogs are over the age of 10 they spend most of their days napping, snuggling, and eating treats. Which makes them pretty easy companions to keep around! Since most the dogs are on special diets, Grieg gets up at 5 a.m. each day to prepare each pup’s special breakfast and medication. This all began when he went to a dog shelter and asked for the least adoptable dog they had. Talk about a great dog dad!!

7. Ed Gernon
Ed Gernon adopted and befriended a feral German Shepard mix named Rex who was a pupsona non grata infamous for fighting dogs and killing cats. But that’s not what makes Gernon one of the best dad dogs around. To his surprise, his dog stopped dead in his tracks on a walk one day when he spotted a dying hummingbird. Gernon thought the sick hummingbird was surely going to die, but took it in his home when he realized Rex wanted to save the it. A year later Gernon, Rex, and Hummer the hummingbird live happily together under one roof. Looks like Gernon and Rex are both great dog dads… one in the literal sense!


Featured Image via @RyanGosling_Page/Instagram