15 Maltese Instagram Accounts You Need In Your Life

15 Maltese Instagram Accounts You Need In Your Life

Our love for pooches is quite the understatement for us at BarkPost, but there’s something about Maltese’s that we simply can’t get enough of. They’re lovable, they’re clingy (in a good way), they feel every emotion us hoomans feel, and they really keep your lap warm on a cold, cold winter’s day. They’re the perfect companions, which is why we can’t get enough of these cuties. We’re sharing some of our must-follow Malteses on Instagram. All you need is a cute fluffy face with big beautiful eyes to brighten your day!

1. @itsmacyyall


What’s not to love about this gorgeous Maltese from Baltimore with the beautiful white-as-snow coat?

2. @princess_brie_nyc


This little Maltese princess, Brie, is taking the streets of NYC by storm.

3. @montethemaltese


Monte is a dog model. Yes, you read that correctly. He lives the beautiful life full of adventures in Louisiana.

4. @maltese_puppy_teddy


This England-based Maltese pup shares his Instagram account with his brother, Beamer, and sisters, Poppy and Pebbles. Cuteness overload.

5. @maltese_sugar


It’s hard to believe Sugar was found on the street starving and scared, but lucky for this baby she found an amazing mama. Did we mention she’s gorgeous?

6. @maltesers888


Lucy the Maltese was rescued by her owner when she was—surprise!–pregnant with two cute pooches, Frosty and Muffin. And what a cute Maltese family they are!

7. @maltese_tess


Tess lives in the lap of luxury in Connecticut—and she has the Instagram account to prove it.

8. @daisy_the_maltese13


Little itty bitty Daisy loves to cuddle, play outside, and dress up whenever she gets the chance.

9. @chuchuthemaltesemonster


This little monster is the Maltese for manly men. Just the right amount of cute and hunky-ness combined.

10. @poppythemalteseterrier


Poppy, who hails from London, is a Maltese who is up for anything. And she’s super cute.

11. @molly_maltese


This little angel has lived through quite a lot but persevered. She was stuck in her mom’s birth canal, which resulted in a crooked jaw, spaced teeth, and a tongue that sticks out. We love a strong chick!

12. @maltesemilla


Milla is a 2-year-old munchkin from Denmark who loves going to work with her mommy.

13. @ollie.the.maltese


It’s a bird, it’s a plane….No! It’s Ollie the Maltese!

14. @wintercottonmaltese


Siblings Winter and Cotton (perfect Maltese names amirite??) are too cute for words.

15. @themalteseworld


And if you can’t decide which Maltese account to follow, this account is perfect for all things Maltese!